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LP and Paracetamol

I’ve had a LP before back in 2011 when getting diagnosed with MS.
I recall being laid up for a good few days, being sick once a day regardless of what, if, when etc I ate or drank and was spoon fed as the upright position was not desirable at all.

Anyhoot, the reason I’m posting this thread;

I have a LP on Wednesday.
Should I take paracetamol before the LP?
I’m aware it’s recommended after, but can and should I before?

That’s it.

Thank you
I’ll be sure type back with how it went and how I’m getting on post LP

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1 year ago

In the absence of any medical knowledge I would say that paracetamol could surely do you no harm……

1 year ago


I’m liking your answer but unliking my question.


1 year ago

@dvtrv , I can’t see it causing any harm either, as long as you’re not in danger of exceeding the maximum dosage for the day.

You may want to confirm this with your MS Nurse.

Caffeinated drinks may aid your recovery, although there’s only anecdotal evidence of this.

1 year ago

Aah monsior Stumbler, thank you sir.

1 year ago

@dvtrv not really an answer to your question, but I had one in March and they made me lie down for two hours and drink lots of water and I had no headache or need of paracetamol. I had one a long time ago and remember the awful headache and wanting-to-die feeling.

1 year ago


Show off, hehe, lucky you

1 year ago

Well all that concern for nothing.

I’m clearly scarred by my first experience.

Went well, felt no pain and actually found it quite funny actually.

My right side was dumb from hip down.
What a strange experience.

I’m lay down and lady time, not too long ago, when I stood up I was fine.

Let’s see how nxt few days go.

1 year ago

@drtrv, please be cautious and lay flat; my nightmare headache started after two days, so please continue to look after yourself until you are sure you are right as rain x

1 year ago

It took me 2 weeks to get over mine, I had a trainee doctor which made it very painful. I felt awful and had painful headaches. I felt fine the day after but on the second day it floored me. Tried caffiene, paracetamol and Nurofen at the same time but still didn’t work. I’ve got naturally low blood pressure which I think was what made it worse but I would rest up for a few days.

1 year ago


Ok so apart from my hearing being affected in the manner of radios sounding like base speaker blown and hearing another persons voice like am echo to my right and slight headache, I’m ok.

Drinking loads and lying flat wen poss.

My son is 22 months old so not so easy.

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