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Introducing myself

Over the years a number of strange things happened physically that could not be explained. I survived them but a couple eyars ago I was told I did have MS and probably had it quite a long time. At my age, I am told there is nothing to be done, no meds so I take everyday as it comes. I paint. I planned to paint a world I wanted and would move into it eventually. I am fortunate enough that I live fairly close to the sea and that is mostly what I paint. I don’t really know what to ask and sure don’t have any answers. I will likely just be here awhile, if that is ok.

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2 weeks ago

👋 hi @marg you are welcome here,answers or not,but it might siurpriseyou

2 weeks ago

Hello @marg, welcome on board. Well, I don’t know how old you are, but you are never too old to access treatment and medication to help. What an unenlightened attitude your team have! What a wonderfully positive attitude you have, and lucky you have a gift for painting. It’s great to have people with your spirit join 🙂

2 weeks ago


Don’t let anyone tell you that there is nothing to do.

First, in the 2020 we have DMTs for all form of MS so even if you have SPMS or PPMS there is today several drugs you can take. They work both for controlling focal inflammation (lesions on MRI) and for minimizing PIRA (progression independent from relapses activity).

Secondly, there are drugs to treat your symptoms and make your life easier.

Therefore, drugs are not everything. A good medical team have to help you have a healthy lifestyle (good diet, physical activities) and minimise your stress (meditation, etc.)

If you medical team is not good for you, change it. Don’t think every doctors are equally good. Like in every profession you have fine doctors, very good doctors, astonishingly doctors, but also second-rate ones and even bad ones. When you have MS you can’t afford to have a bad doctor.

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