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Injecting Copaxone 40mg and way to track

Hello, everyone.
My name is Andrew and I have MS. For the last couple of years I am using Copaxone 40mg injections, which work good for me. What I like – no deadly side effects like in some other types like Tesabry and such. Anyways, when i switched to Copaxone 40mg, I faced a problem of actually tracking the locations of the injections. You need to inject yourself 3 times a week, and rotate 6 or 7 locations, each of which has sub-locations. Before it was simple – every Monday you inject in left hip, every Tuesday – right hip, and so on. Now its a floating schedule, and it’s complex.
But, after spending some time, I found an answer – there is an app for iPhones, iPads – Injection Schedule Assistant, that actually helps with that rotation issue, notifications, and even tracking the medication supply.

I am using it and finally can get rid of bunch of papers that i was using to track the injections, and bunch of time that I spent on it!

Hope it will help other as well.

App link:

The video review here:

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2 years ago

I used to face same problem with interferron till my dr said i could inject in bottom stomach sides upper arm since my injections. Maybe they said other places too i can not recall. They told me few times and i used to always forget.

But with copaxone i guess these are the places.

Kind regards

2 years ago

I used Copaxone for awhile as well, I utilized an android app through a group called Shared Solutions. They have very helpful diagrams that help you remember where you last injected and you can actually speak to a nurse regarding your current condition. It’s a US site.

2 years ago

Thank you!
Yep. I use those locations as well. Just remembering them is a hassle lol
And I used Shared Solutions as well for many years. Used to be on Tesabry before, but then just got too scarred of the side effects 🙁

2 years ago

Yes, the app for copaxone is great, until you travel out of the country and can’t access the rotation because you don’t have any data to use, or you go on a week-long camping trip and don’t have cell service! After my trip to Australia last year, I re-did my rotation schedule so at least I could remember which body part was next in line. I still use the app for every injection but if for some reason I’m without cell service or can’t access the app, I just guess at the spot — one time in the wrong spot isn’t going to do any harm! Over all I like it but the ratings option (where you can record if the shot was really painful or whatever) has been down for about a year now. I’m guessing it’s not coming back.

2 years ago

I’m on daily Copaxone. Gave up on the backs of my arms (ouch!). Just look for yesterday’s welt and pick a spot on the other side;) I figure lipotrophy is the least of my worries.

2 years ago

I was on Copaxone 20mg daily for 3 1/2 years. I used this wee rhyme to help me with site rotation :
As Mhworden says… look for yesterday’s lump and move on from there!
Good luck!

2 years ago


I was on Copaxone 3 x a week injections for nearly a year, didn’t matter where I injected or what I did it was painful and had horrible skin reactions. I used to track mine by writing it down but rotating didn’t really help me.

I’ve just taken my second dose of plegridy and so far so good, once every 2 weeks seems alot better to cope with then the Copaxone.


2 years ago

Would the app work for Rebif? I’m coming to the end of the diary the company issued and would prefer an app if I could use one.

1 year ago

I think, the app will work for all or mostly all types of injections. You can have different rotation patterns, injection sites, etc. And schedule types that can be customized for any type of medication.

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