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Hope everyone is well.

Hey All,

Hope everyone is well. It’s been a minute since the last time I have posted anything. Been beyond crazy around here. Trying to live a normal life amongst all the other craziness that is now going on in the world. On the plus side we are all healthy as we can be at least. So that is something. Everything after that has become a complete (sorry for the language) SHIT show.

But we do what we do to get by. It’s bad out there these days. I am in Southwestern Ontario Canada here. I know that don’t mean or help much to some of you. As I am sure you saying where you are from and me not really knowing except the Country and generally knowing where it is at. But really where we are from don’t really matter these days. We are all in this together. The whole world needs to act as one unit at this time. But it seems that we have all been at war for so long with one another we have completely forgotten how to do that.

I’m not saying it is something that it isn’t possible but that it is something that we need to relearn globally or we are destined to cause more harm then good in these trying times. I know here there is a lot of stuff going on to prevent this pandemic from spreading. But some of it is completely insane the way it is being dealt with. So won’t get into my views of it because everyone has there own opinions and all it does is cause more problems.

What I am learning in all this around here is that bring life to a complete stand still isn’t going to do anything but cause more problems then it is going to help. Our world has come so dependant on currency that not allowing people to work to make the money that they need to live and pay for the things that are now essential for us to live it is going to financially cripple some of us.

I get the idea behind it and the fact that we need to social distant ourselves. However not all of us have the savings to be able to ride this out that way. Some of us have been living pay day to pay day. But without that pay day we all so count on isn’t coming in or isn’t as much as it was some of us are not going to be able to afford the essentials for very long.

Yes there are things in place to help resolve this kind of. But for us particularly it just isn’t going to help us it is going to hurt us. Which really isn’t going to end well for us very soon. But we have no choice but to ride this out and figure it out on our own. Which in turn causes a whole mess of other problems in the family dynamics as well.

But just my two cents from someone struggling day to day with life these days.

Not sure if I can plug a song here so if it’s not allowed please remove it or let me know and I will remove the post or whatever and sorry.

But a song that does the best describing my current state of mood is by Hunter Hayes called Dear God. Amazing song that just nails it home for me these days with everything.

Have a great day all.

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5 months ago

@shannon_devlaminck , philosophical and quite profound.

You’re right, we are all stronger together. And, we do need to sort this planet out, in so many different ways. We face further challenges with Covid-19, but we have to trust in our powers of resilience.

Good luck in Canada.

And, here’s that song you mentioned:-

5 months ago

Hey @shannon_devlaminck . There’s no doubt that this modern-day world ‘first’ is forcing us all to re-evaluate everything. Everyone is being affected in ways we could never had imagined. I can’t help but think that when it’s all over, things are going to be really tough. That said, human nature is built on survival. Us with our condition, in some ways, we are more resilient that those around us, as struggle is part of our everyday experience. I hope you stay safe over there in Canada, keep tuned in here….. 🙂

5 months ago

Hi to you theres a show called “One
Strange Rock” Will Smith Narrates it if you have Netflix or Disney
It will let you get a huge reason our earth planet is in trouble… hope you can find it… 👌⚘👀

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