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3 months ago

Hi Valerie, I use Functional Electrical Stimulation to help this. Basically electrodes on my leg that shock the nerves that don’t work to work better. Great for foot drop but also to work the muscles that I’m not naturally working. You can get FES through the NHS ask your GP/MS nurse. It takes a little while to get used to but certainly for me, gives me more confidence to leave the house especially on my own.

3 months ago

@valerie_koontz_taylor , primarily, you should consult a neuro-physio, so see if there are any exercises which might get those muscles working again.

Alternately, you could consider an orthotic. Try Googling “Foot up” to get an idea of the type of devices for holding your foot up.

The following article provides useful information :-

3 months ago

Check out The MS Gym on Facebook or YouTube. There are specific (free) exercises in there to combat foot drop

3 months ago

My husband is on the waiting list for a FES so does it help you walk better and balance better

3 months ago

I get so many helpful ideas from this forum @tanya_castle for the MS gym idea. I’ve been working through footdrop and what he hits in this session has not been brought up. The focus has always been on glutes which is an issue for me since my hip replacement two years ago. But that may have somewhat been required as foot drop was not attended to.

My right foot has been additionally challenged by having an accessory navicular bone removed when I was in my late teens and a dislocated big toe 6 years ago. Due to these things I was not pressing off my big toe when walking. Apparently this fires the nerves to lift your foot as it comes forward so is needed to walk without foot drop. So lots of exercises and correction in my gait to improve the situation. I’m in PT now working on these issues and will add what I found in the MS Gym as it certainly won’t hurt!

But- What I’ve done in past as far as mechanics is I was prescribed an AFO after working with a neuro PT last year. This is what we settled on after trying several different options and different ones will be better for different people. This one was kind of a “starter” one that allows quite a bit of ankle flexion and helped for several months. The “swedish AFO” I was walking around, even after I tired a bit, with no stumbles.

My condition worsened through July and now it doesn’t seem like it is strong enough. I am currently trying a FES so an electrode type option that fires the nerve that brings up the toe. I tried the Walkaide product as well as the L300 Go. I found them very different and much prefer the L300 Go. It operates off a gyro that fires the nerve at the right time as you are about to bring your foot forward…it brings the toes up. The representative just dialed it up to the strength I needed and strapped it on and I was walking better within 15 minutes. In contrast the walkaide rep twiddled with the dials and adjustments and I was walking somewhat better in an hour. But- that was in the hallway at a certain point in time. When I got home I didn’t think I did better walking outside or on a different day. It just works on firing based on the angle of the shin…so if I am walking different than the day it was programmed because it is earlier in the day and I am fresher or later and I am more tired, or if it is on a different type of surface, etc. I really don’t think this technology would be a good fit for me as I am not always the same nor is my walking surface. So- I greatly prefer the L300 Go and have submitted the request to insurance.

I think the options in Europe, if that is where you are, are different than in the states and it seemed like the FES options are utilized more there while the AFO options are done more in the US. We would all benefit from the exercises to have the muscles to walk if we can just get our nerves to tell our foot what to do 😉

3 months ago

@ianeycunner it definitely helps my walking. Not sure about my balance. Good luck!

3 months ago

Another vote for a neurophysio.
My foot issues were what led for me to be diagnosed a little over a month ago. I felt like they’ve helped me gain move movement in my foot and ankle.

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