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7 years ago

hi @cedelle check out the website- it gives an overview of what DLA covers and eligibility- good luck! x

7 years ago

Just be prepared to wait for the decision, 3 months and still counting.
Good luck to you though. 🙂

7 years ago

Do not fill the form in without help from someone !
I am a efficient form filler but when I spoke to a friend who works for Help the Aged she said there are certain ways to fill these forms in for maximum efficiency.
Mine has now gone to appeal and I don’t hold out a lot of hope really because my wording was inaccurate.
Whatever you do get someone to help you. Phone theMS society they advised me to apply but I did not ask for help when I should have. Good luck. All the best! X

7 years ago

hi yeh when you fill it in they ask you the same question about 4 or 5 times they just word it different watch what your doing ask some one first it is that bad.

7 years ago

i have been rejected twice… so dont hold out much for this x

7 years ago

You have to be realistic with applications for DLA. This is an allowance for living with a disability. Having a diagnosis of MS, doesn’t always mean having a disability.
But, the advice to get assistance in completing the form holds true. This needs to be completed as if you’re having a really bad day. It’s hard to be objective on something so emotive. Hence the need for someone independent.

7 years ago

You need to access the Benefits and Work website, where there is a section on how to do it, plus examples and case studies. As has been said, it’s ahrd to get and getting progressively harder. When the rules change and DLA becomes PIP, it will only go to the severest cases.So even if you get it now, there would be no guarantee it would continue. There is a lot of info on this – it really is a complicated issue but the B and W forum will guide you through.

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