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I have now decided to have a vegetarian diet but I will include salmon as it is the only fish I will eat stop dairy products and have soya milk and soya yogurt. I would appreciate anyone’s comments either good or bad as I am not that experienced with this condition so I wanted by someway trying to at least eat more healthier.
Any advice most welcome.
Thanks in advance

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1 year ago

@hilaryk0757 , keep a food diary, then you can track back on bad days and see if there was something in you recent diet that you can avoid in the future.

We’re all unique, so trial’n’error is one way ahead.

1 year ago

Hi @hilaryk0757

I cut out meat and dairy for a good stint but continued with fish for Omega 3. I can honestly say I never felt better. I’ve slipped back into eating dairy and chicken and I feel RUBBISH! I’ve got no energy and the odd shooting pain is breakng through. So back on the wagon for me!!!

I felt better within days of stoppng dairy and meat but I gradually slipped back in to old ways about 2 or 3 months ago and now it’s hitting me. I think there’s a build up in my body and now it’s got back to a level that has an effect on the MS. I think the odd thing here and there won’t hurt but my body simply doesn’t like a constant bombardment of the saturated fat.

Eat anything that has an anti inflammatory effect on your body. Take a very good probiotic (I use VSL#3). I also use CBD oil and essential oil Copaiba for anti inflammatory properties. Eat as much green veg as possible. I’m weary of soy products, there’s soy in so much it can’t ve good for you being so processed I’m thinking. I use nut milks if I need milk for anything.

Hope this helps x

1 year ago


My wife knows everything health wise – seriously.

Salmon is her #1 food for my MS with “white meat” chicken closely behind – dairy products are very, very low priority; milk has vanished from my life…

Overall, she has a list which I follow; can not believe the difference… And yes, she has a vegetable list for me – but vegetarianism is not a priority…

1 year ago

Hello everyone.
The tips for diet has been very informative I have never been a person that are a lot of meat I don’t like chicken much. And I like fruit and vegetables. I drink one coffee a day in the morning I usually have cereal. I am now wondering about soya milk as I have stopped dairy does anyone one know if indeed soya milk isn’t as healthy as first thought or what would be a better choice?
Thanks to everyone in advance

1 year ago

@hilaryk0757 , almond milk is a good alternative to soya milk. 😉

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