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Good evening
Has anyone got any idea what is a good diet to help with ms. I don’t eat much meat or chicken.
If I eat fish it would only be salmon which I bake.
I have been reading many views but it is all quiet confusing. I have stopped cows milk and will only use soya milk in cereal and coffee. I have heard of something called ultra clean diet.
I have absolutely no idea what that is.
I would be most greatful for any tips or ideas
Many thanks

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1 year ago

@hilaryk0757 , there are some dietary ideas here :-

They will also send you their book for free, if you apply.

We’re all different so what works for one, may not work for you……

1 year ago

Hi there
I’d say pick a protocol that resonates with you. Then you can tweak it to work out what works for you individually .
A protocol is a good start
Whals , oms , Mediterranean , Swank , there’s lots of others . But they are done more for Everyone but we are all unique eg someone might thrive on a plant based diet , others might on ketogenic , gaps , high fat vs low fat so then after that it’s the tweaking and you do that through an elimination diet .

Even within a diet say you only ate fruit and veg their might be something setting you off that your body doesn’t thrive on . So then it’s to find out

Rachael xx

1 year ago

Oh it’s not easy to find answers it’s a lot of work and time but you’ll get their just keep going xx don’t give up xx

Sounds like you arent too far from what OMS is recommending. No meat, coconut, and very low saturated fat. It does recommend fish especially salmon. Our family follows OMS but I am guessing having a healthy diverse diet is a good part of the way to getting the benefits.

1 year ago

Hello! If you look for more information on the ones that Rachellouise or Stumbler mentioned you will surely find your personal way. As said above it is a different story for everyone but yes, in general, a healthy diet is the best. Personally I have chosen WAHLS Paleo Plus, with some little changes and some points from Overcoming Ms. But it is just my way to go about it 😁 and you can find yours!

1 year ago

I brought the book by Judy Graham ms naturally whenI first diagnosed, its got loads information on diet and supplements and lots of great advice.

1 year ago

I would start by sending off for the Overcoming MS book. It’s huge and it’s not just a diet, it’s a programme – I found the diet the easiest part as like you I was not eating meat or dairy. The book is full of carefully researched evidence and are it was written by a doctor with a background in medical publishing there is now some primary research being carried out.

It basically is an ultra clean diet – vegan plus fish. “Clean eating” seems to be a dirty word these days so I don’t like to think of it that way… The hardest part is cutting coconut. I have a few vegan cookbooks where almost every recipe has coconut milk… And the sweet recipes all have coconut oil. There is an overcoming MS cookbook though with some good recipes.

1 year ago

Thank you all for your advice

1 year ago

@hilaryk0757 I’ve got lots of questions on diet. My wife adopted it as soon as it became obvious she was facing a diagnosis of MS (and several months before it was confirmed). However, adopting the OMS diet has been difficult even for her, a healthy eater.

The positives: she feels healthy (apart from the occasional MS symptoms that occur at night); what you can and can’t have is straightforward; most restaurants are surprisingly adaptive if given notice.

The negatives; loss of saturated fats and thus protein in her diet has caused her to loose weight. The recipes offered both in the book and online are, in places, difficult to apply, for example frying onions in water. The result is food which simply does not taste good but is eaten through hunger; although she feels healthy, she has had a minor relapse connected to the first one, so did the dietary change lessen this or have no effect?

Personally, and haven talked to the MS Nurse about this, I think you need utter commitment to stick to the diet that I suspect escapes most of us. For most people I’ve contacted on this matter, these programmes are just too depressing to follow, which itself does not help. So I would identify 2-3 things you can definitely remove from your diet and then, as you adapt, remove a couple more until you reach a point you are comfortable with. If the diet you’ve chosen for the rest of your life is making you depressed (and thus stressed??) is it worth it?

1 year ago

I have asked my neurologist, and MS nurses multiple times whether they recommend any diet, and they said that ‘no there is no scientific proof that any specific diet can have a significant effect on MS’

As other people said, I believe that it is important to adopt a diet and lifestyle that makes you happy above all. Of course we all know mostly what’s healthy and what is not, so what I choose to do is keep it low-saturated fat when I can (no fried food, fatty meat etc), but also enjoy all things in moderation.

I personally find all the different protocols too restrictive/controlling to follow, without any guarantee that they will affect my illness.

The OMS protocol does have some scientific basis, but still it does require certain lifestyle changes that I am not in the right place to implement to a T right now.

Discussing with your doctor or/and a nutritionist would be my best advice!

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