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8 months ago

I believe the contrast dye is used to show any active tissues/lesions etc. So anything that is currently being damaged or in the process of becoming damaged

8 months ago

Lesions are lesions and will always show up on an MRI. But for most, it’s not easy to tell if they are old and historic, or new. So contrast will show up new lesions, or ones which are being reattacked at the present time, and for which steroids might be prescribed. All the best!

8 months ago

Hi yes contrast with getting MRI is so they can see all blood vessels deep inside the body !!! It doesnt usally brother the patient its for doctor

8 months ago

Most of my many MRIs through the last 15 years have had a round without and then a round with dye. It has never caused a problem for me so when they ask if I react to the dye I have said no but wondered what issues people could have and what was this dye they were putting into my body.

When I joined this forum there were posts from people wondering if the dye was causing issues. Around the same time a study was posted to me, I think on FB (that knows all, somehow) about dye no longer being needed so I started searching.

There are MRI machines with different strengths and capabilities. If they are using a 3T MRI the dye may not be needed. So ask what kind of machine they have and that it is needed. It will also cut down the time in the MRI as they won’t need a “with” and “without” run and it keeps heavy metals out of our body. It is worth it for all of us to question if they need the dye run and if they could use a 3T machine and avoid that.

8 months ago

Thank you for your replies, that clears up my questions for now, just the wait now for consultation

8 months ago

Good luck 😉

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