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6 months ago

Thats why i refused dmt’s for 14 years
Sadly the drug i gave up to three months ago to is gilenya
Aptho i do t wanna say sadly already :/ better be optimistic they say

6 months ago

I think one of the main themes of the article was about contextualising the risks. Knowing the incidence and likelihood of a side-effect enables one to make an informed judgement about the risks against the benefits.

Posting the article is not supposed to scare anyone away from DMTs, quite the opposite.

DMTs are proven many times over to be worthwhile if you have MS. OTOH, many people are scared off by the scary sounding side-effects, without properly contextualising them. This fear is irrational when held against all the other risks that are normalised into our daily routines. Chief amongst these are the usual suspects like obesity, hypertension, driving etc.

As a day thing I write articles about this here (not plugging my work as it is of little relevance here other than explaining in some articles about types of data and interpretation)

6 months ago

Thats comforting.
But idk I wasnt convinced for too long still need another 14 years to trust dmt’s altho i’ll not stop Gileneya
But something is seriously bad about them
This idea of forever treatment with side effects is kinda cruel
Specialy if im fine and dont feel i need it but MRI says I do
Hate messing around with my messed up immune system

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