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Hi all,

Im going to be starting the Brabio/Copaxone injections within the next few weeks which will be my first DMT. I’ve read about the possible side effects & i know not everyone suffers them, but was wondering what peoples experiences with this DMT have been in general? Thanks! X

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8 months ago

Scroll up and you’ll see a box marked Copaxone  click on that and it’ll take you to other posts made about it.
Hope that helps.

8 months ago

Not sure what all is available to you but Copaxone was what I started on and was on for 11 years. I had a few relapses in that period that required intervention and a steady build of lesions that my brain just accommodated…at the time. Then I was switched to Rebif for 4 years and now that I have transitioned to SPMS have moved to Ocrevus.

I have been working my way through the Aaron Boster (MS specialist from Ohio in the US) as he is covering all the various DMTs, how they work and who they could be applicable for. I realize now that while Copaxone was one of two drugs available at my Dx I should have been moved off it earlier as better drugs became available. He does still see cases to use Copaxone but prefers something with efficacy

As far as side effects, that is one of the benefits, there aren’t too many, typically, although someone posted earlier this week that it really wasn’t accepted by her body. Over time I just developed skin dimples in the injection areas. I probably should have been using warm compresses over the sites or being more regimented in rotating injection areas. They had recommended the back of the arm and I was really not gymnastic enough to figure that out ;p hold it there, press down and then press the button? I couldn’t do it and it really stung for me. The outside of the thigh was tolerable but I had too high of a preference for the inner thigh and after all the years that is where the dimpling was. Aaron also notes it is a good choice to use as a cover if cleaning out from one DMT before starting another and for women that may be wanting to start a family. So it does still have a role…as he says in the video but not his “go to” anymore now that there are more effective options. Make sure you are comfortable with it as Neuros don’t like to switch around too often in my experience over here.

8 months ago

Thanks both for your responses. Yeah the whole idea of Injecting the back of my arm seems simple but in reality not so much!

8 months ago

Hi I’m quite new on copaxone this is my first dmt. I started it in October and so far so good and I’m quite well at the moment.. only fault I find is it really stings an can hurt, only downfall so far x

8 months ago

I did feel a little sting from the injection of Copaxone. It may help if you put a warm damp wash clothe on the site for 30 seconds or so before the injection and then rub it afterwards. That was what was advised for me by the nurse. Call them (or they will likely call you as part of the “service” every so often I found to see how it is going and give you a pep talk to keep you on their DMT ;-0

I was moved off from Copaxone as lesions continued to mount and the dimpling at the injection sites (inner thigh). So in the end it was likely not that effective for me and is found as a pretty low efficacy DMT but with few side effects and good for child bearing age women that might get, or want to get, pregnant. When I started it was about the only choice you got (2005).

I really found a sting from the Rebif I was changed to. To the point I dreaded taking it and had to use the warm clothe and rub afterwards and then take something like Tylenol PM in order to sleep afterwards or they recommend Aleeve if you take in the morning. I was ok at the lower dose but my liver panels were impacted so I was moved to the lower dose and since never got a new lesion was never increased back up to a full dose. Not sure it was that much more effective. I likely had just transitioned to SPMS which acts different.

8 months ago

@sarah_walton I’m on copaxone just over a year .have had no side effects 🤞 the thigh might sting a bit but just for a second .my nurse said I dont have to do the arms as there meant to be sore . So i leave them out ..hope you get on ok x

8 months ago

@sarah_walton I just had my second Brabio injection and I tried belly on Wednesday and thigh today.

Both times I had redness around a size of half of my palm around the injection area and kind of blisters, On the belly it was small, looked like I’ve been stung by a mosquito, but now on the thigh it’s a bit bigger and just looks like I’ve burnt myself. These went away after few hours from my belly and I assume same will happen with the thigh (just done it half an hour ago, so it’s still there for now).

It stings a bit, it was itchy on the belly and a bit painful (kind of like pressure pain) on the thigh. Nothing overly horrible, would give it a 3 out of 10,maybe 4 jumping up to 5 for a few seconds. It doesn’t last long, it’s now going away after half an hour.

On Wednesday (belly day) it made me sleepy after around 40 minutes and as it was a middle of the day I didn’t go to sleep and was just a bit of a zombie for around 1.5 hours, then all went back to normal. Now just can feel that sleepiness is kicking in slowly, so hopefully will have a good night 🙂

I hope it will all be OK for you and no major side effects xx

8 months ago

Hi 🙂 !

Unfortunately, I am no longer on Copaxone since my body rejected it & I developed angiodema from it. Copaxone was definitely something that I had to get use to because of the burning welts! It can be uncomfortable depending on the injection site. People on this DMT all had their favorite areas or their worse. Few tips that helped me would be letting the alcohol dry before inserting the needle, icing the area right away after injection, watch out for the muscle (painful if it goes there), try and go to an area where there is more fat on your body- makes such a difference, make sure your stomach is not empty (worse spot for me) and to buy itching cream for the next day since it may itch. You will get use to it the more you do it. You will be fine!

8 months ago

Thank you all for your responses! Definitely calmed my nerves about starting the injections thank you all so much xx

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