MS Stories

Every MSer has a story to share, whether it’s the anxiety of diagnosis, the uncertainty of a relapse or the realisation that you’re not alone with your condition.

These MS stories bring us together so we can learn from each other. MS is highly individual, but maybe someone else has been down a similar road to the one you’re travelling. Find your OMG here.

Running Away

Losing her sight, jumping on a plane and getting far, far away from her problems. Bryony talks about how MS has affected her relationships and inspired her work.


‘Gallop’ explores the life-changing event of a MS diagnosis through the lens of a compelling love story. It captures some of the emotions – fear, uncertainty and frustration – of diagnosis.

“You never feel alone when you read people’s stories and share your own.” - member

Gallop by MSers

Six MSers share their experiences of diagnosis and chat about some of the issues raised in our film ‘Gallop’.

“It helps a lot to read all the stories and know I’m not the only person in the world facing these kind of problems.” - member