Who we are


Our members are at the centre of everything we do. Members inform our decisions, conduct interviews with leading MS researchers and generate content for our website and social media channels.



Our volunteers keep Shift.ms alive and breathing, which is why we call them ‘The Energy’. We’re working towards creating a self-sustaining community able to identify and meet its own needs, with little need for paid staff. We have over 200 volunteers who offer their time in various ways including moderating the site, fundraising, spreading the word about Shift.ms at events and coordinating the Twitter Takeover. Find out more and meet some our volunteers.



George Pepper @gpeps

Co-founder, providing MSer insight and working to ensure no MSer feels alone. Believer in all things Yorkshire.


Freddie Yauner @freddiems

Co-founder, interested in how creativity can have a social impact. Purveyor of colourful socks.


Sam Billington @sambillington

Digital Sam, in charge of all things website related. Lover of tacos and very small cans of beer. 


Sarah Elwell @sarahshift

Community spirit, looking after our amazing volunteers. Sampler of office coffee supplies.


Rob Sloan @rsloan89

Design wizard, making sure all the shapes and colours look spot on. Covert northerner. 


Millar Maxwell @millar

Creative flair, turning ridiculous ideas into reality. Connoisseur of baseball caps.


Emily Thompson @emilyshift

Community journalism enthusiast, helping MSers break down expert information through conversation. Hoarder of plants.


Amy Stow @amyshift

Community builder, empowering MSers to be collaborators and contributors. History geek.




John Miller (Chair)
Clare Ball (Vice Chair)
Victoria Tills (Treasurer)
Jane Petty
Fabrice Allum
Rachel Hillman
Sylvie Watts
Gideon Schulman