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Shift.ms Team


Our members are at the centre of everything we do. Members inform our decisions, conduct interviews with leading MS researchers and generate content for our website and social media channels.

Meet our Ambassadors

Our Shift.ms Ambassadors are here to help with questions, queries and advice. You can message them directly or part of a group chat, using their usernames below.

Andy ambassador
Andy Drenzek @Andy_drenz

“I held my head and cried upon my diagnosis of MS. I had no idea what it was, what was happening, or what was to come. As Shift.ms Ambassador I hope to show that you can live with MS."

Aleks Ambassador
Aleks Kozak @aleks

“I am an aspiring DJ, music addict, festival goer and MS home yoga ‘master’ (according to my cat).  I want to show fellow MSers that the sky is the limit, as long as we keep following our dreams and passions.”

Dean ambassador
Dean Reilly @Dean_Reilly

“I’ve been the beneficiary of the amazing work that Shift.ms does and now I have the opportunity to drive and influence the future of the charity. I can’t wait!”

Claire Ambassador
Claire Thackray @Sparkz70

“I love chatting to fellow MSers and sharing my experiences; ultimately to give people hope, especially to those who may feel like they’re free-falling after getting their very own MS diagnosis.”

Kayla Ambassador
Kayla Root @Kayla_Hope

“Connecting with other MSers has been a crucial part of my experience navigating life with MS. Being an ambassador will allow me to help connect more people with a community of fellow MSers."


Our volunteers keep Shift.ms alive and breathing, which is why we call them ‘The Energy’. We have over 200 volunteers who offer their time in various ways.

Find out more and meet some of our volunteers.


George Pepper @gpeps
Co-founder, providing MSer insight and working to ensure no MSer feels alone. Believer in all things Yorkshire.

Sam Billington @sambillington
In charge of all things corporate partners. Lover of tacos and very small cans of beer.

Rob Sloan @rsloan89
Design wizard, making sure all the shapes and colours look spot on. Covert northerner.

Victoria Kirk @VictoriaShift
Growth champion and all-round marketing mover & shaker. Likes a run, loves a podcast, calls everyone 'pal' indiscriminately.

Amy Stow @amyshift
Community builder, empowering MSers to be collaborators and contributors. History geek.

Jason Nguyen @jasonenn
When it comes to getting things done, Jason has already done it. In house video wizard and constant inspiration.

Kelly Crosby @kellyc
Community Officer, helping with all things admin. Tiny human raiser and animal lover.

Mark Webb @MarkWebb
Comms mastermind. Speaker. PepTalker. Adviser. Shouting, laughing about disability/diversity. MSer.

Martin Petts @MartinP
Website genius, making the magic happen and ensuring Shift.ms serves the community. Eurovision enthusiast.

Amber Plant @ambershift

UX Designer obsessed with solving problems. Hip hop enthusiast, volunteer-feral-cat-rescuer, film nerd.

Rachael Vashak @Rachael
Graphic designer designing graphics and keeping things digitally inclusive. Big fan of dogs and the great outdoors.

Eleanor Bate @EleanorAdmin

Community gal, here to chat all things volunteering. Charity shopping extraordinaire, Robert Pattinson megafan and shameless Doctor Who nerd.


Simon Cooper – Chair

Binay Agarwala - Treasurer

Tom Tyler

Mary Rose Ropner

Isaac Batley

Prav Premkumar

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If you want to get in touch with us for any reason, the best place to start is to email 👉 [email protected].