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Baclofen side effects

Hi everyone! This probably sounds really strange, but has anyone had any unusual side effects from Baclofen? I've just started in the last few days, and really strangely having a crampy feeling in my feet and left hand. I've never ever had this before starting the medication a few days ago and it's come on quite suddenly today! Feels like a bit of a coincidence, however I'm aware that Baclofen is SUPPOSED to have the total opposite effect!

The only side effect I have is Baclofen makes me sleepy especially during the day if I take one in the morning. It does help with spasms in my legs and sleep at night.


I was on that many years ago.. and it seemed I suffered with all the side effects... The worst one being constipation with this one... But I suppose it affects everybody differently. I started taking CBD oil and that helped me then two years ago I started taking CBD THC oil which helps amazingly... I always try natural medication as I find it works a lot better than all the pharmaceuticals that I've ever really tried and had side effects from all of them unfortunately but as such as life