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Legs Pain after bath

Hi, I am facing lot of the pain in both legs , numness after bath? I think whenever my legs come in contact of water that time I am facing that type of the pain. Anyone facing the same problem like me? what should I do for this problem?

Hi <a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/sheetal/' rel='nofollow'>@sheetal</a> -make sure your bath water isn't too hot- I really struggle to have baths at all these days as the heat makes me feel awful. There's something known as Uhthoff's phenomenon ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uhthoff%27s_phenomenon) which sounds like what you're experiencing and refers to a temporary increase in symptoms caused by an increase in temperature and probably contributes to why flu is so awful for us! Hope it's gone away again now xx


Couple of things spring to mind. First as said above; don't have the water too hot. MS can cause sensitivity in extremities for either/or cold and heat. For me its cold in my feet. Makes go tingly. 2nd; could be the fact they are horizontal for a period of time and then suddenly, they have to get vertical again. Try showers instead if it continues to be a problem.