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Hey all, We're coming to the end of World MS Day and it's been a busy one! Each year the conversation gets louder, which is fantastic and helping to raise more and more awareness. Behind it all is you guys and gals and we couldn't do it without you. The Shift.ms community, our volunteers and wider social followers have been on fire today, sharing photos, blogs, videos, experiences and positive messages - keep them coming!! Don't forget to use #LifeWithMS #WorldMSDay Thank you to everyone who's shared these with us so far and let's keep the conversation going! Sarah (community coordinator)

Bloody ms awareness day Iv got bloody ms and I never even knew mesen!!! Mind you I'd not notice if there was a big batter stuck infront of me eyes tbh jys tend to potter abaht in me own little world tee heee Fankts!!!


Ps batter = banner just incase it's confused anyone like it has me ehhhh!!!!