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Meet ups!

Hi everyone does anyone know of any social meetup groups in the south-west. I am from Bristol so would be willing to travel as long as it’s not too far. I just think it would be nice to meet new people face-to-face You are going through the same thing.

Meet ups are great, especially in this nice weather, we met up at an outside cafe in Derby, only me turned up but I had pm'd the organiser sevral times and we had a great laugh, dropping food and people watching and everyone, when they saw 2 people in mobility scooters were great, doors opened, tables moved etc., I'm nowhere near Bristol so won't be coming but I hope you get lots of replies💕😍


Hi @Robb I don't know about bristol meet ups, I live in Cirencester and our ms society group meet up 1x a month, haven't been for ages to be honest but they are good. If you ever want to chat I'm here, my profile is a bit old. Lemtrada was good, walking ok just partially sighted and knackered all the time. I do actually come to brizzle with my family a fair bit, we are going soon to that big buffet zha zha and then cinema at cabots circus! Keep well and here for any advice 😀 Rebecca