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Sex drive!

Any guys had a loss of sex drive? Also any help to combat this would be great! A bit embarrassing I know but my relationship is at stake any help would be great xx Cheers....Paul



@paul1973 , unfortunately, sexual problems and MS can go hand-in-hand. The following publication explains more :- http://support.mstrust.org.uk/file/sex-and-ms-men.pdf



There could be lots of reasons for this. Is it just the desire or is there a problem with function? Of course the two can go hand in hand, one affecting the other. Are you on any medication? If so, check the enclosed leaflet with the drugs and see if there is any mention that it/they affect sexual desire/function. i was on quite a cocktail of drugs, but fortunately it was safe for me to take a drug holiday and then re-introduce them one by one to see which was causing the problem. I now no longer take the problematic drug.



I can sympathize. I've been corresponding with a lovely woman from Mexico who wants to come visit me. Obviously. the issue of sex was inevitable, but she is very understanding of my limitations. (Her father had MS and a close friend was recently diagnosed. Hopefully, your lady friend can understand your limitations and is open to somewhat less tradition means of achieving sexual satisfaction. Good Luck!