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Triggering dreams

I wakened this morning from a dream that has seemed to trigger my moods. Feeling extremely frustrated this morning. Strange, but has anyone else dreams ever triggered symptoms in this way? 🧐🧐



@lukezni , dreams can obviously affect our waking mood, dependent on the mood of the dreams. Just accept that it can happen and don't over-worry the situation.



Hi @lukezni ! Lol oh yeah for sure! I wouldn't say that it has affected my symptoms but definitely my mood. Then you have to remember, it was a dream & not to let that determine your mood for the day.



@stumbler @rel12 haha yeah, first time that it's happened. It took a couple of hours to shake off but was fine after



Yes I went through 2 years every night it’s naturally subsided and isn’t very often now I think mine was anxiety driven. How’s your mental health?