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I Have had MS for fifteen years now. I am concerned about this, are we more susceptible to catching this?



@staceystevenson6, @dominics been keeping an eye on this and posting guidance/latest news. You can see posts about Covid-19 here: https://shift.ms/topic/uk-govt-coronavirus-plan-available https://shift.ms/topic/covid-19-the-uk-oplans https://shift.ms/topic/latest-on-covid-19-and-dmts-from-prof-g We'll also be releasing a blog post imminently with links to guidance and information for people with MS kindly compiled by Dom :-)



Thank you, Amy. Unless things go spare (and they may yet do so) all the advice is repeating the same thing in different ways. This is probably the most important thing: https://shift.ms/topic/latest-on-covid-19-and-dmts-from-prof-g