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How bad is your pain

I feel like no one believes me, that I am very much like a junkie because I have been screaming in pain and sent home from the hospital Does anyone else get severe pain?

Yes I can understand I have to take cannabis every few hours to control the nerve pain I definitely wouldn't be able to cope without it, have you tried CBD Oil? for me it didn't work as well as cannabis bud but everyone is different, also I saw a Nurse from a pain who suggested an app insight timer it's as lots of meditation to help with pain which I thought at first it would never help with the pain I was in and it does help with the pain but you need to practice when you aren't in so much pain also I use a Tens machine which helps it's best if you use it everyday to build up in the body but the meditation really helped me calm down and I was surprised even when I was in pain if I relaxed I have my hands in a tight ball when I am in pain it was better which sounds mad! I was surprised it helps so much I suppose it helps me to calm down they have meditation classes to help calm the Nervous system down which helps but it is hard when you are in pain it can totally take over life really hope something helps, I think it's terrible cannabis is illegal because it helps so much