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I feel constantly Dizzy all day everyday, is that normal MS symptoms? Also, I have these shocks In my head which causes a lot of delay with all my functions, so I was wondering will it past or do I have to find ways to Cope with it?

Hi. Lhermitte's is often described as feeling like an electrical shock or buzzing sensation. And the dizzyness can be vertigo. Yes the shocks are terrible. I am even afraid of using electric appliances now because i never know whether its me, myself and i, 😐 or whether it is indeed the electricity shocking me. Good luck. The vertigo made me fall off my chair in the office the other day. What an embarrassment it was!


I'm sorry to hear that😔. It so hard to deal with and the dizziness won't go away. I had it for 9 months straight... The electrical current thing is so different and I feel the same way when it comes to touching any electrical appliances or just the friction wearing socks and walking across a carpet. I really hope they figure out an new breakthrough for any autoimmune diseases.