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Feel like you have no purpose try to do stuff u use to do I get so aggravated I make every one in my house upset because I get so mad about not being able to do things any more I wish for a new life I hate this disease MS is wonderful .. not🥴 WHAT DO YOU DO TO COPE ... No one gets it ..

You took the words straight outta my mouth, I lose my temper so easily and I hate it, I feel ms has turned me into a really nasty person. I'm praying for a cure but I know we won't get one 🫂


Keep trying .......keep pushing. do the work, the physio, the exercise, the mindfulness, the diet take the dmt and try to let go of what you imagined you were & try and aim for some kind of happy ( it will just look a bit different to what you thought it would look like) sounds like bull but its about acceptance and reconcillation. These help - and antidepressants both give you the headspace to do the above but theres no quick fix find the meds that work & then you can do the other stuff its all trial & error and one step at a time but try not to beat yourself up either coz it will just make you & everyone around you feel like crap. Check out the links & hopefully something will work soon 🤞🤞🤞🤞 good luck mate & keep that chin up