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Hey guys, Just need some advice on what people might think on what I should do. I’m so worried over this virus going around and it’s spreading like wildfire and I’m still currently working in a factory with a lot of people and I feel as if I need to isolate myself. Spoke to head office and explained that I had MS and they basically said they’ll get back to me on Friday as they are going off on what the government are saying but it states that ms is on there that we are vulnerable. Do you think it be the best for me to not go in or will I be okay until they basically send me home? Would a mask help? To cover my face?

@louise_harper I have been having the same dilemma as you, my work place are not taking it seriously and keep saying everyone needs to carry on as usual. Anyway I've had a cold about 10 days now, other than that I'm fine and today I decided that the only person who can ensure our health is ok is ourselves, so I made the decision to self isolate. Still debating if it was the right thing to do as I do not feel unwell at all but i guess its about not becoming unwell so that's why I made that choice. I may change my mind and go back to work once my cold has gone, but maybe that would be a stupid idea. Sorry I can't help you decide, just wanted you to know that I made the decision for me and you should do what you think is best given all the advice we have i.e on what the government are saying. Also I watched Dr Bosters vid about covid-19 and meds so I worked out my risks to. Stay safe whatever you choose x


Yeah I’m exactly the same.. I just feel as if they ain’t worried about us at all and we are just a number to them but it’s not good for the people who are vulnerable. I need todo what’s best for me I think. I feel fine nothing is wrong with me but I just don’t want to be catching anything at the moment cause you don’t know what people are bringing into the factory. It’s just worrying more than anything. Thank you xx