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Morning Aches!

Hiya!! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend ☺️ Has anyone else experienced extreme body aches as soon as they wake up? Like it’s sooooo sore to move anything? But then once I’m up, it starts to feel a lot better? I’ve googled it and it says it could be linked to MS - but just wondered if anyone else has experience this? Or if there are any tips/tricks to avoid this? ☺️ x
Saint Helier, Jersey

Hey Louise when I wake up they ache but not to the extent you speak of, maybe you dreamt of running a marathon 😁 I hope you find answers though it’s not a great way to start a day is it 😞


Hi there. Unfortunately it can be because of the MS. I tend to suffer ALOT with the back pains especially when i wake up in the morning. Over time ive learnt hot water bottles are my best friend if i want quick relief and something comforting. Mines worse in winter and surprisingly ok ish in summer. What about you 😊