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Clumsy and keep hurting myself accidentally

Hello all. I've had MS for 2 years and finding just recently I am becoming more clumsy and causing myself minor injuries like burns and bruising. Sometimes I don't even realise I've done anything as I have reduced feeling in my legs and bruising appears. Does anyone find the same and how do you manage?

@Lizzie_P14 I have this all the time. Burn my hand on steam from kettle or foolishly trying to get something out of the oven. I do bruise easily but often wonder what I bumped into to cause so much bruising as I rarely recall what caused it. I sometimes wonder if it's a problem with spatial awareness or if I'm just a clumsy person. 🤔


@Lizzie_P14 I get it all the time, walk into door frames, trip over air, bruises on arms and legs, no idea how they got there. Mine is to do with balance, or my left leg not being in the right place. I have also found that my grip goes, what ever I was holding is now on the floor. I double up on oven gloves (gloves and a tea towel) as I have caught myself a couple of times. Have to be careful while handling knives.