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MS fatigue

Hi friends. How do you cope with MS fatigue? I have battled this for 20 years. It seems to be getting worse and worse. I need to pull myself out of it somehow. Feeling like all I do is lay in bed and sleep. That’s no way of life. I know I can get some sense of strength back. I would love to hear all of your tips, tricks and magic. Thank you a bunch! Hugs
Boiling Springs, United States

I used to take short naps 10-15 minutes if I’m feeling tired.


Hi for me exercise really helps with fatigue, I have always been very energetic but in the last few years my mobility is much worse so I haven't been moving around so much, I brought a electric trikecycle this year so now can get mobile again and getting out in the fresh air makes the fatigue disappeared also in the last month started doing yoga every day and my walking and strength in my legs is changed so much I can now stand for much longer, getting in a routine has really helped as well getting up at the same time every morning even if I haven't slept, I know it's hard to do every day when I do yoga I think I won't be able to do it but I feel so much better afterwards, sometimes when I m feeling so tired I falling asleep my daughter will say lets go out on the trikecycle I think she's mad but when I do get outside I feel like different person,I know everyone with ms feels different but so many with ms will suggest exercise, don't know if you are the same but after a meal I often feel tired so in the afternoon I eat small amounts instead of one large meal hope something helps fatigue is one of the worse things about ms ( the pain is pretty bad) it's a full time job ms and not a well paid job🙂