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Swollen and not sleeping

I dont know if anyone can relate to me but i am getting problems with swelling in hands and in my arms. I am having trouble staying asleep and feeling tired all day. I have had ms for 18 years.



Hi - I don’t have much experience, have you been to your regular doctor about these symptoms though, not sure whether limb swelling is an ms symptom xxx



@dee_n_chase_wright , I've not heard of swelling being mentioned as symptomatic of MS either. I would follow @twinks suggestion and consult your Doctor.



Hi new to this , after being diagnosed in 2008 with ms a few years later I was then diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis , in the last week's as weather has turned much colder my hands , knees and hips have been hurting , I take amitriptyline as well as many others to help with pain and but now seriously considering CBT oil as painkillers not helping , but sympathise with you , most mights awake well past 3 , x



@dee_n_chase_wright , I've had a rethink on this problem, so my response on the following thread may be pertinent :- https://shift.ms/topic/hi-new-here-hand-swelling Did you get the opinion of a medical professional on this?