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Face numbness

Help please… it didn’t happen until I went out to the pub… but the left side of my face almost feels numb… it’s not numb because if I pinch it I can feel pain… but it’s proper freaking me out as I panic about having strokes etc… has anyone had experiences of this situation? I haven’t relapsed for 7 years and that was my only one so just panicking abit. Happy Easter!

I would contact a health care professional and ask for their advice


Don’t panic my first relapse and the relapse that led to my diagnosis 13 yrs later was as if someone had taken a ruler and drew a line down the centre of my body I was numb on my left side my face had a slight drop I drooled, speech slurred limped and was weak literally a real life stunt double for the FAST stroke advert or zombie apocalypse extra……🤔 really attractive stuff right??? But I recovered both times and no actual stroke so please please please don’t worry yourself just get checked out as pinkstripes130 suggested not everything is ms but it’s an understatement to say ms unpredictable. JUST BREATHE xxxxxx