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Help and advice please guys

Yes I know we are all very different in the way the MS affects us but can anyone give me any helpful advice with my very new and recent symptoms. So basically my stomach is constantly feeling like I have butterfly's and I feel like I keep getting massive amounts of adrenaline dumped in my system everything I get up or do anything it's driving me bonkers guys !!! Feels like I'm on a roller coaster that never ends !!! Thanks and regards in advance
Manchester, United Kingdom

Hey Andy, I wouldn't assume that what's happening is due to MS. Of course it might be given the wide range of symptoms that MS can cause, but truthfully what you're describing isn't typical. So maybe have a chat with your GP - could the butterflies in your stomach be nerves, or indigestion. Do you have an ulcer/gastritis? And the "massive amounts of adrenaline" - do you mean shaking/fast heart beat etc? Could that be something with your heart you should get checked out, or panic attacks/nerves again. Not everything is MS (fortunately...)


Yes tha k you for the reply I've been checked over by yhe docs my heart is fine and to be honest with you all I'm Fitter than I've ever been. Yea the stomach I do have a couple of issues but mainly because of my medications .I've also been checked for diabetes which were all normal I guess and hope it will pass quickly. I like it on here it feels like a good safe place to talk. I do find it hard with people they can be so nice and patronising at the same time Yes I have a condition but we are all still human!!!!