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Ocrevus and hair loss?

I've completed my first 2 infusions with Ocrevus and have had no complaints, with great results! But I have been noticing way more hair coming off in my brush and in the shower. Anyone else experience anything like this?

Could be. I have noticed that I have a lot of hair in my comb when I take out my daily do and a lot in my hands when done conditioning. Don't really care about my hair if my balance and walking is better and the splotchy vision in my left eye seems better as well. I don't see it listed as a side effect but know that with some of the DMTs it is listed any my Neuro said it is similar to the natural pattern of hair loss we experience in a 7 year cycle...just that it kind of resets that cycle. I have a lot of fine texture hair so am not noticing that it is enough to be any type of issue.


Interesting...I went through 3 days of high dose (1G/day) steroid infusion a month ago...so could be from that. Don't really care about the hair ;-) would rather walk and see