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Forgetting to breathe. What is this?

A couple of times in the last week I've had a strange feeling. Like suddenly realising I've stopped breathing. Seems to happen when very fatigued, which makes me feel like my body is going to just stop. Like I'm falling into a kind of drunken state of unconsconsiousnesss. The breathing is new. The only way I can 'wake' myself and breathe normally again is to take a huge exaggerated breath. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced something similar.

I work for a filter company supplying various medical filters around the world for different applications. They do one for sleep Apnea would that describe what your experiencing?


Do you mean CPAP? No I don't think I have sleep apnoea. Well I hope not. I'm not actually asleep at the time. But feel like I would fall asleep, maybe because I've stopped breathing? Not sure. Sounds strange. I will mention it to my neuro (1 of them). Have an appointment this week. Just wanted to check I wasn't being daft and hoping they don't suggest I have anxiety. I've never had anxiety regarding my health, though it was suggested once in regard to one of my initial symptoms. which was obviously proved to be wrong.