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Reducing work hours

quick question not sure if you anyone will be able to assist I am contemplating reducing my work hours and thought the reduced pay might have been offset by income protection but apparently not so, don’t suppose anybody has similar experience?

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1 year ago

@ferryms , the only income protection that I’m aware of is an Income Protection Insurance Policy.

Or were you thinking of some other form of income protection?????

1 year ago


I reduced my hours a couple of months ago, I dropped one day. I didn’t get any income protection or anything I just took the hit. But to be honest it’s not as bad as I thought financially. It certainly helps and gives me a rest mid week as I dropped the Wednesday.

Good luck in whatever you decide.


1 year ago

I had to stop working altogether but they have me my pension as if I’d worked there until I was 65! I’m 33 and retired lol. I ended up on some weird benefits that helped a bit with things like school dinners and dentist and stuff. Every little helps. I’ve since retrained as an accountant and I hope to work again but not full time and maybe do some work from home. Have a look on entitled to website to see if you’ll be entitled to anything when you cut down a bit. You have paid loads of taxes in after all.

1 year ago

I’m recently dignosed but I’m lucky I’m in a great job and I already work from home three times a week my boss is understanding and my company have a great flexible working policy

1 year ago

Thanks all for comments. My company and boss have been really supportive and I do have lots of flexibility to wfh etc. I am just trying to be honest with them and myself about what I can do compared to pre Ms. Hence look at maybe dropping hours but as they have income protection policy wondering if I can get some financial support via this.

1 year ago

@ferryms , you need to know exactly what this income protection policy is, how it works and whether you are eligible.

Otherwise, bear in mind that reducing your income slightly would potentially saving the full amount of income tax that you would pay on it. Your tax free allowance would still cover the first £11,500 (if that makes sense).

1 year ago

First dropped working Fridays but found I still ended up working, at least in the working those days. (thankfully work from home anyway) as one of the busiest days of the week for me. Now have dropped Wednesdays – still seeing how that goes but lovely to have a break mid week. I moved when I reduced by hours and now mortgage free so drop in wages was all fine. Hardly go out to spend any money anyway – sleeping doesn’t cost anything 🙂

12 months ago

I am still in commuinity college part time and i often think that i will need work reduction when i start working.

12 months ago

@code , you have age on your side. And, the advances in medical science should hold you in good stead.

So, don’t worry about the future. Deal with the present. 😉

6 months ago

@code i have noticed that fatigue was on me and it houghy it was end of year fatigue. I work fullw time andnarudy part time. Starting a particular treating plan in January 2019. On cortesone to recover first. My plan is healthy diet, exercise and good night rest. Take regular breaks (take a walk outside at work) and my ds thw reduce symptoms at night that will reduce sleep disturbance.

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