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2 months ago

Cons = Constipation. 🤣🤣🤣

2 months ago

Christmas trees sort that out!

2 months ago

Pro’s= not having it
Cons = having it

2 months ago

Pros – licence to be right lazy sometimes and not feel guilty about it!

2 months ago

Pros- better focus on own priorities and being more assertive in making good choices.
Cons- having to keep doing the above to get through the day/week! It’s exhausting!

2 months ago

Pros- handicap parking stalls
Cons- can’t purchase whatever you want ha

2 months ago

Love that! ❤️❤️❤️

2 months ago

Pros= Naps
My favorite pastime!

2 months ago

Christmas trees make my constipation worse…at least it did last time I ate one!!! 🤪🤪🤪

2 months ago

Cons too many to list
Pros still been alive

2 months ago

Pros – plays into my, ‘they can all ‘F’ off’, I’m not going down without a fight’ mentality.

Pros – DPRC (in the UK)

Pros – amazing whisking around and queue avoidance at airports

Pros – frankly, it is another lever to use sometimes. Though bizarrely, I was in an interview for a serious role at an MS Charity and the MD suggested that I didn’t bring up my MS. I thought it meant I could show empathy?

Pros – teaching me more about my body and self care than ever before. It gives me something to make goals around – learning, addressing, helping etc.

Cons – bloody fatigue and associated mental slowdown. I am less effective after lunch than now.

Cons – have had to really dial back my active lifestyle. I used to spend weekends cycling/climbing/walking. That is gone, grrr

Cons – never been on so many damned drugs in my life. Every time I walk into the neuro ward I feel like I may have Munchausen’s Syndrome and not MS


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