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Pregnancy and Ms

Hi friends,
Just to want to know there is any impact of pregnancy on MS?
Due to it disability increase? Attacks will increase ???
And MS will transfer genetically to next generation?
Bcoz I saw most of the cases which have MS and pregnancy they have twins? Again in twins there is more chances to transfer MS??

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6 months ago

@sheetal , lots of related information here :-

6 months ago

@sheetal From what I understand your immune system drops when you are pregnant so less likely to get relapses – Less attacks.
There are some MS meds you will have to stop depending on what DMD you are on.
I have not read or heard of any correlation between having MS and throwing twins…
IVF and twins – very common not so sure about MS and twins.

6 months ago

@sheetal furthermore I am a bloke so feel free to disregard anything I say for lack of experience in the pregnancy space. I do have two babies so have seen my wife go through it however.

6 months ago

6 months ago

I heard relapses are rare while pregnant, but shortly after giving birth the mother usually will have one.

6 months ago

Hi, I had three children (not triplets!) after diagnosis all spaced out (now 19,16 and 11). I did very well through through each pregnancy and just went back onto Ms drugs afterwards with really no ill effects. Breastfeeding also can protect the body from Ms relapses it all depends on the individual. I have never heard about the twins and Ms theory – it’s a new one to me!

6 months ago

This is a very relivant thread to me at the moment, I have two daughters (15&10) and after a long time of trying we are finally expecting. Our daughters were 13&9 when I was diagnosed and we were already planning a third. We talked about changing our plans but decided that Ms will take enough from us in the future, but it’s not having our dreams.
I haven’t heard of an official link between twins and Ms. However, I have taught a number of twins and I noticed a few years ago before my diagnosis that their mums had ms… I don’t know how that compared with the other childrens parents who have MS. I guess twins are just more memorable?

6 months ago

Everyone is different. For me, pregnancy was awesome for MS. It stopped two relapses and I had no symptoms while pregnant or breastfeeding. I’ve had lots of problems since I stopped having kids though so maybe I’m making up for lost time? Since no one knows what causes MS there’s no way to know if your kids will get it but they’re at increased risk for it. I’m the only one in my family with it. I try to make sure my kids get enough vitamin D, eat healthy, are active, and am hoping for the best.

6 months ago

My neuro told me that during pregnancy you don’t normally relapse, but after giving birth there is a big chance on a relapse. That’s when I found out I have MS, cause I had a heavy relaspe, but it turned out I had already a lot of legions.
I don’t know much about the genetical part of MS. I know our kids have an enlarged chance to develop MS, but I’m the only one with MS in my family (as far as I know, my dads parents are both orphins).

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