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Optic neuritis

I am needing some help advice I think I may have optic neuritis I have a pain in the back of my left eye, blurry vision and pain on movement ….. I went to optician last fri on advice of gp they said they couldn’t find a cause for my blurry vision or pain gave me stronger glasses so referred me back to gp, I have had constant pain for the last couple of days and finally got an app with gp they have referred me back to optician as they said they don’t have the equipment to diagnose it

Feel like I am being passed around and I only know what I have researched myself …..

Got a nurse couldn’t even get a gp she said it doesn’t sound like optic neuritis?

What do I do ? Xx

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1 year ago

@niteowl , situations like this destroy your faith in the system.

You need an eye specialist to look into your eyes to check out the optic nerves for damage. A decent optician is capable of this.

So, specifically request an eye test that checks the health of your optic nerve. Optic Neuritis is definitely a possibility given your symptoms. If the optician agrees with that diagnosis, then let your MS Nurse know as soon as you can.

You may be offered Steroids to bring this problem under control quickly.

1 year ago

Thanks @stumbler yes it does, thankfully the optician was really nice and called the eye specialist at the hospital and discussed the symptoms and results with him and he said sounds very likely to be optic neuritis and to put me on steroids so had to go back to the dr to get the prescription and letter to be sent to my neuro …… am to get an app with eye specialist in two weeks time at the hospital.
So hard when you see a different GP each time you go and have you to explain everything all over again 🙄 …..

1 year ago

Last week i had same pain in back of my right eye which was where my first relapse was in 2005
Ive also sedn electric like a bit big spots flashy blue electric white

It stopped today
I dont know how
I cant deny i was afraid i get a serious symptom before starting my treatment last week

I hope you recover soon naturally and not need anybody

1 year ago

@niteowl , you need to check the dose of steroids that your Doctor has prescribed.

The high dose steroids required are sometimes unfamiliar to a normal GP and they prescribe a very low level, which will be pointless for you. You should be looking at 500mg per day for 5 days.

1 year ago

Just noticed it still hurts me slightly

1 year ago

Yes, I would have thought going to an Ophthalmologist rather than an Optician would be the better thing to do.

1 year ago

I attended eye casualty back in August with neuritis. They were really thorough and called a neurologist down to see me in the eye department.
Always worth a visit and I would definitely recommend it.

1 year ago

Hi @ niteowl
I have experienced O.N 4 times. Very scary but good outcome even without treatment. Not everyone needs Steroids.
But decision is on by your Optometrists or ophthalmologist.

1 year ago

I had an attack of Retro Bulbar Optic Neuritis in 1983.Lost nearly all the vision in my left eye. Ophthalmologist diagnosed it and said there was a 50/50 chance that my vision would return to normal. He never told me I should see a Neurologist. For me this attack was the key to the what was causing other other mysterious symptoms that had plagued me for 15 years and led me to diagnose myself.

When I finally saw a Neurologist(after my ON had subsided) he gave me some other tests and concluded that I had “Probable MS”. He also made a prognosis that I would have a mild course which has been true for the most part. There was no treatment for MS back then. A couple of years later I saw another Neuro for a second opinion and he downgraded my DX to “Possible MS”.

I did not have another exacerbation until 1993 when I suffered an attack of double vision. When I saw an Ophthalmologist he prescribed Fresnel Lenses(to stick on my glasses) and recommended that I see a Neurologist. When I saw the Neuro I told him my history. He offered me steroids but when I asked whether that would make any difference in the long term he said no so I declined them. He didn’t say anything about DMTs. I think they were still experimental back then.

1 year ago

niteowl your symptoms sound classic for optic neuritis, yep Eye Casualty is deffo the place to go, I did,
the average optician is not going to have the kit to view the optic nerve if you have retro bulbar neuritis, plus they can do other tests, and they arranged a MRI brain for me which I had 3 days later, they advised me not to have steroids in view of rarely making a difference to outcome, neurologist told me later that opinions differ. i did find ibuprofen helped a little with eyeball pain. over a period of a couple of weeks it resolved almost but not quite completely
good luck

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