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Not feeling it!

I Am a “MS warrior” but I definitely don’t feel words like fighter, courage, strong, hero, determined etc. apply to me. I’m tired, weak, sick, fed-up, unstable, emotional and depressed. I DO feel like giving up. I think others use those words to be supportive and that’s great but in this body, I just don’t feel like that at all.

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5 months ago


I feel your pain chick, I feel the same a lot of the time! But what makes us warriors is that despite this, we don’t.

We have come this far and havnt so far, so will live to fight yet another day; or sit on the sofa with a large amount of choccie and trash telly! Needs must eh!

I mumble ‘this too will pass’ and
‘You can’t beat someone who doesn’t give up’ regularly; but it’s ok to temporarily give in, sometimes taking a step back leads to a big step forwards

So take a chill pill, distract yourself with something absorbing and non ms related and get the big girls pants on tomo, when it’s a new day and everything will seem a bit better

Trust me, I’m a veteran at this [email protected]

Love,lite and angelic delight ✨👍❤️💐💋🌈✨

5 months ago

@linda_ysais_reynolds , our MS can seem really huge from time to time and it’s one helluva burden to bear.

We all have reason to feel sorry for ourselves and we have to allow ourselves time to feel the pity. You’d be dead on the inside if you didn’t!

So, allow yourself some time to feel sorry for yourself and then follow @mermaidia11 ‘s advice.

Thank u! Your right and I do it everyday for my kids. They are the driving force that makes me get up and move. I thank god for them and my husband but I’m just tired and feeling bad for myself I guess. This has been the longest flair in history or just slow, steady decline. The MRI dye triggered thyroid problems for me in the past so I’m avoiding another MRI for as long as possible.

5 months ago

Go girl!
That there is warrior talk,right there -you have survived another day 🎉

It’s unrelenting exhaustion – and that’s just the kids n hubby lol
Never mind a thyroid issue as well

But u can’t beat someone who doesn’t give up; and what doesn’t kill u -makes you stronger
And as we adapt, we heal

I know thyroid issues are notoriously difficult to get under control, so maybe you need ur bloods done and your meds tweaked to make sure all is ok and not the primary cause of your exhaustion and low mood?

And get that hubby and kids to help u more, I know it’s hard asking and u want to do it all yourself – but delegating and giving up on the control freak in you is as brave and courageous as it gets lass

And @stumblr – I learnt from the best mate

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