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Nerve pain in feet

My feet are on FIRE tonight. I keep looking at them expecting to see them huge & swollen; but they’re fine. MS is so, so cruel. I’m taking 600 mg of Oxcarbazepine twice a day. It helped for a while but my feet are killing me today! Any suggestions for relief???? Please.

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11 months ago

I’m so sorry. I’m experiencing the same thing from head to toe! Feels like I’m on fire. My feet are the worst though. I take gabapentin but it’s not helping. I’d say definitely call your ms nurse. I think I’ll leave a message tonight. Feel better soon!

11 months ago

I have had this constantly for three years, some waxing and waning but always present. Here is what helps me; bengay ultra strength spread on my feet and calves at night. Smells, but helps, so who cares. Next, aspercreme 4% lidocaine cream, on the feet. It’s OTC, helps too. Finally, voltaren gel, also OTC here in Israel, I think it’s still prescription in the US.
Some nights I use all three before the fire gets to a slow simmer, but they do seem to work for me. Hope it helps you, too, at least enough to sleep.

11 months ago

@sherryak , I’m aware of anti-epileptic drugs being used for neuropathic pain in MS, but Oxcarbazepine is a new one on me. Perhaps it works in the same way as other anti-epileptics……..

I’m more used to seeing Gabapentin and Pregabelen being used. Or Amitriptyline and Nortroptyline.

But, the thing with neuropathic pain is that you have to find the medication that works for you, and at what dosage. It is down to trial’n’error.

Here’s an article on the treatment of pain in MS :-

11 months ago

I GREATLY appreciate your suggestions & have saved them for future reference when I deal with this again. I thought I’d share an update on my foot pain…
My guess (COMPLETELY a guess) is that it started because I had missed a dose of the Oxcarbazepine on Thursday morning. My guess is that there’s a delay in getting all medicine out of your system. I only missed the one dose but the pain on the day that I posted here asking for suggestions was pretty bad. I’m lucky that I’m narcoleptic because pain is much easier to tolerate when you’re sleeping. We all know how pain affects every aspect of life, so I got to “enjoy” gastrointestinal distress & just all kinds of fun that led to me posting that. I could NOT TAKE IT anymore. Even if I was unconcious (sleeping) through most of it. I also drank Tumeric Spiced Herbal Tea.
Anyway, I’m back to being aware of my feet all the time; but the pain is just awareness again. So I’m back to my usual MS self. <whew>
Like I said, I did save the suggestions to my “MS” folder so I will have something to fall back on & try when it happens again. There’s only so much of that you can take. (I kept referring to it as “my Chinese water torture” to my family.) Thank you.

11 months ago

Hi Sherry,

I used to get that burning sensation which made me feel like my feet were swollen or when it got really bad it felt like someone was pouring water down my leg. The thing that fixed this for me was CBD oil, I don’t know where you live but I think it can be prescribed from this month here in the UK. I take 2 drops under my tongue in the morning and the evening and it stopped all the crazy sensations in my legs and reduced my spasms in my leg from 10-20 per day to 1 every 3 days. I was hesitant about taking it at first because of the cannabis element but I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Just make sure you get on that is as pure as possible, Canada is a good place to look to see if you can order some.

Hope the pain gets better.


11 months ago

Thanks, Dave. I actually have been doing the CBD drops under my tongue for a little while now. I have 2 sugar gliders as pets & the female was really bad. I got that for her to help with any pain. When I saw the vet the next week, I learned that she wasn’t in pain. So I started using it myself. I’ve also been drinking Tumeric ginger tea before bed. Those 2 things (I think) have helped me with being very aware of my feet. But the day that I posted here, I could not stand the pain. I kept putting cool things on my feet. That seemed to either make the burning better or was good at distracting me. But the cooling eventually heated up. Anyway. I do appreciate all suggestions & have been hanging onto them for next time. I’m sure there will be a next time. Ye ha.

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