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Need friends

Well I got dignosed with ms in March I went to a drs appointment and fell outside I spent 2 eeeks in the hospital and i just need friends I’m on copaxone and it seems to help but my nerves and my brain are not all there

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2 months ago

@kj3979 , this is all new to you. The shock of diagnosis and the shock of that fall combined will take time to recover.

You brain and nerves are still there, you’re just reconnecting with them. So please be patient with yourself, it does get better.

2 months ago


Part of everything is the approach to a situation.

Instead of saying “I want” or “I need”; why not try a different approach. Start off by asking “Does anybody need a friend?” I suspect you will get a better response…

2 months ago

Hi and welcome!
We’re all friendly here, honest!
We all understand how your feeling……
So feel free to ask anything you like and we’ll try and find you an answer some how or another.
Shout, screen, rant and rage all you like We’ve all done it….
But you have to keep a sense of humour, that’s the best medicine I can freely prescribe it has magical properties that no Dr could ever dream up.
It won’t cure you but it’ll help loads.
So welcome again and please free to join in.
We’re all here to help out.

2 months ago

Hello! I’m new at this too, just diagnosed in February. I’m so sorry to hear about your fall. You must have gotten banged up pretty good my friend! I don’t feel like my brain’s all there either. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with focus, attention, memory & just doing stupid things that I can’t explain! Are you home from the hospital now?

2 months ago

I’ll be your best pal. ❤️

2 months ago

Hello @kj3979, welcome aboard. It’s good that you’ve found this site so soon after diagnosis. Sorry you’ve had such as rough start to things! When you are newly diagnosed, it’s natural to want to get everything in order to make some sort of sense. You know, like what’s going to happen, how long will I feel like this, is this a new symptom, should I stop working? The simple truth is, everyone has their own journey, and you will need to try and take one day at a time. I would say that in general, it probably takes up to a year to fully process a diagnosis and recover from the relapse that led to it. Most importantly, you have to be kind to tyourself and not push things too hard. Bring more balance to your life in terms of diet, sleep and exercise. However desperate you are for knowledge and information, avoid Dr Google. The information that will be most hopeful is on sites like this, MS Trust or Society, or hospital blogs. You will be OK, but we recognise that it’s not easy. And everyone on here has been through what you’re going through, so we understand how scary it is. You will be OK. There is lots of support here; you just need to take one day at a time, and accept help from those around you while you try and find an idea of the new normal x

2 months ago

its very daunting when you are first diagnosed – take some time to look after yourself. Check out the information on the MS Trust and MS Society websites. They also have details about local meet ups. Perhaps go onto Facebook and find out some local groups in your area. If you are going on to a medicine, join a group on social media that is for your particular drug.

We are also all here in case you need to reach out. I don’t know if they still do it but Shift used to do a buddy system for people who were newly diagnosed. Maybe reach out to Shift and find out if they still do it?
Take care


2 months ago

Sorry to here that add me if u want to

2 months ago

My so called real friends not what I thought they were mum dad sad to me when l was young boy u c that we r just a number

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