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Flu & MS


Just asking for some advice I think I’m suffering with the flu and struggling to get out of bed and do anything, can’t eat and in some pain? Is it worth calling my MS nurse or is there nothing I can do but ride it out?

Thanks in advance

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2 months ago

@world25 , if it’s the normal flu, you’ll have to ride it out, Just ensure you keep hydrated.

You should have had a Flu jab to try and prevent this. You might have for all I know. But, we are a vulnerable group and are eligible for the annual jab. It is recommended.

Get well soon.

2 months ago

Did you have a flu jab? If not then I’d tell my nurse, as if you are on a DMT you are immunocompromised so more susceptible to infections.

Paracetamol, fluids and rest. Take care.

2 months ago

Hi @dominics, no haven’t had the flu jab. I am on a DMT, will contact my nurse thanks for your help.

2 months ago

Hi @world25

Regarding this year: absolutely something to talk about with your nurse. They may have reasons not to at this point in the fl;u season. Am not a medic, don’t want to give you a bum-steer.

Looking forward; getting a flu jab as soon as possible in the run up to the flu season is crucial. They track the virus as it changes around the world and make a (usually) pretty solid prediction as to appropriate strains for the vaccine that will be manufactured. It is a very dynamic and iterative process so the jab this year is not the same as last year and nor will it be the same for the 2020 season.

The flu jab may give you mild flu-like symp[toms (I have only had them 2-3 times in 30 years of having it) but it beats the hell out of ‘proper’ flu. When you have the flu, as a healthy person, you are flattened for c. 2 weeks. It is not a bad cold, it is horrible. When you are immunocompromised or weaker, it is much worse. In some cases, fatally so.

It is free – as @stumbler said – if you have MS, regardless of a DMT or not.

30y ago I sold flu-vaccines when I worked in pharma. I have no favouritism, I have been washed in the data. You do not want flu if you can help it. At all. A jab is a free insurance with no downside.

2 months ago

Hydrate and rest. Once better get the jab

2 months ago

The flu is in full swing in Kansas, a news report today said they had to shut down a school for a few days because of the flu. I guess part B of the flu shot is not having any effect. Wash your hands and stay away from crowds. I had my flu shot at the end of October and had one every year even when taking a DMT. Potter

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