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First signs of MS

Hi, I have fibromyalgia but I’ve been getting pins and needles in my hands a lot recently. I’m just wondering if this is the start of MS and what were the first signs other people noticed? I’m in pain everyday mainly my legs especially if I’m on them for long periods. It’s a burning stabbing sensation in my muscles and just wondered if this was related to MS as always blamed it on fibro. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this x

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8 months ago

Hi @sophielu!

It’s hard to say if it is MS because I am no doctor and would definitely recommend speaking with a neurologist. The pins and needles feeling does happen to me especially on my left side. Stress, temperature, and anxiety are some of the things that can make this happen. MS & Fibro both involve the nervous system so it can be similar symptoms. For the stabbing pain – I can tell you that this has happened to me before but it is not a reoccurring thing for me. It happened as I left my internship in the city & got stuck at the train station since it was so hard to move! It felt like someone was cutting my bone with a chainsaw, it was a terrible feeling. Sorry that you get this stabbing feeling daily! I would also recommend writing some symptoms down in a journal, just to keep track of everything. Then def talk to your doctor! 🙂

8 months ago

Hi im Lisa been diq. With MS its not
a easy diq. a neurologist is the doctor you would need to see !!! Pain sucks i agree for me myself my Journey was i fell broke my right ankle thats what started my medical doctor !!! I do hope its not MS for you👀💦 make a apt much Love Lisa

8 months ago

Thankyou for your replies! My doc has told me to come bk after 3 months then he’ll refer me to neurologist. I just wondered what people’s first symptoms were.

8 months ago

@sophielu, lack of balance was my first symptom but im ppms so it might be different

8 months ago


I was diagnosed 2 years ago with SPMS, so had gone through the RRMS stage not knowing or realising what the hell was going on. For years I had pains in my knees and feet along with erratic blood sugar levells, also a T1 Diabetic so put all the issues down to low blood sugar levels. Then over 3 years ago I began to have tremors in my left arm, spasticity in both legs brain fog etc. So a visit to the doc and she referred me to a Neuro at Hospital.

8 months ago

For me it was more a foot sticking out to the side when I walked with no pain or real gait issue. That went away. Then gait issues. ON (optic neuritis) is one of the first symptom people report I guess. Not mine but common and is what I am dealing with right now on top of other symptoms. They keep tabs on the thinning of my retinal wall. The main diagnostic for MS is looking brain and spinal lesions in an MRI although it seems in some countries they also look for bands in a lumbar puncture. I’ve never had those tests. My MRIs were enough to convince them 😉

8 months ago

there are a lot of diagnosis articles and clips out there and if you use the magnifying glass in the upper left you will find many of the forum members stories as they worked through diagnosis. There are a lot of symptoms and other diseases that mimic MS so diagnosis can sometimes be tricky and even after years of receiving treatment when I had spinal lesions show up they sent me in for a test for Devics disease as well. So- learn what you can and be prepared for your appt. here is one…to be aware of the various forms/stages of MS, etc.

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