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1 month ago

Under your post above you’ll see a tag for symptoms.
Click on that it’ll take you to a brief description.
Feel free to ask anything you like we’ll try and find an answer one way or another.
Welcome to the club.

1 month ago

@karen_sue_thacker as far as I understand peoples early symptoms present themselves in many different ways! Dont think there is a set way it starts. Perhaps a chat with a Dr about your worries and suspiisions might be the way to go. I had no identified symptoms befere a dibilitating relapse that put me in hospital last year following which I got my diagnosis. You might want to look at the MS society we site and do some research on early signs before you visit your Dr.. hope this helps 🙂

1 month ago

Hi, everyone is different but for me I had tingling in the tips of my fingers and a couple of weeks later I felt vibrations every time I put my chin to my chest I would feel a vibration sensation down the back of my spine. It wasn’t painful just very annoying especially as I teach dance. What symptoms are you feeling? Everyone is very different x

1 month ago

@karen_sue_thacker , keep a note of any strange sensations, so that you can present a summarised list to your Doctor and ask them to explain the cause.

A symptom diary may be useful for you for this purpose :-

1 month ago

As noted above MS can present in so many different ways as it is due to lesions in your brain or spine and depending on where they are it can be different for each individual. I totally agree with Stumbler above. Keep a symptom diary once you see the full symptom list and try to think back to when they started, how severe they are and how frequent. This will help both you and your Dr determine how much they are impacting your life and for how long. If you can think of several instances in the past that may have been an attack it would help you get past the determination that you are experiencing a “CIS” (clinically isolated symptom) and can wait for treatment.

In addition to checking the MS sites check Dr Boster’s You Tube channel as there is much there on symptoms and diagnosis- Good luck- hope you find answers

1 month ago

hey @karen-_sue_thacker , as mentioned above, MS symptoms can present themselves in many different ways for each individual. Defiantly take the advice up on a symptom diary to take to your doctor – this is something that I wished I had done. The first MS symptom that I can recall was a dropped foot 6 years prior to my diagnosis, but the symptom that lead to my diagnosis was optic neuritis and my dropped foot ‘returning’. I say it returned, it never really went away fully, I just adapted to it over the years.

You’ve made a positive step seeking advice from here; check out others such as MS trust, and MS Society too, and Dr. Boosters YouTube – someone that I have only recently discovered myself!

I hope the information others have given you has been beneficial, and good luck on your quest to find the answers.

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