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Closing my eyes increases concentration?

Now this is bizarre, over the past week or so I have noticed that if I close my eyes partially I become more alert/aware and more able to concentrate on speaking to someone or listening to music / someone talking…. Really weird.

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11 months ago

Closing your eyes gives you more brain power for concentrating on what is being said. When I was in college I was required to attend a concert where they were banging pipes, breaking glass and ringing bells. It was suppose sound like music, but to me it was just noise. I had a terrible migraine so I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes, suddenly it sounded like music. I was so busy watching all the activity that my brain wasn’t putting the sounds together. I don’t know if this happens to people without MS. Potter

11 months ago

Hi @peterfrancis
I agree with @potter, there is one thing you have to bear in mind though, it drives my wife nutty she get the impression I’m not talking any notice of her.
Oh open or shut Jazz is just wrong, far to busy.
Keep smiling

11 months ago

This is no mystery. It’s the brain being diverted as a result of closing down a stimulus. When my language students were practising listening skills and got stuck on a difficult part of a language tape/CD, I used to get them to close their eyes. Just doing this often enabled them to differentiate between sounds and pick out the meaning.

11 months ago

I’ve found the sane thing, when I relased a couple of years ago, 200 miles from home, and lying in hospital bed and had to talk for a long time to social workers, consultants, etc., dud it all with my eyes closed because I couldn’t concentrate otherwise so Its fairly normal for a lot of us so don’t stress😍

11 months ago


Not stressing or worrying about it at all, just something that I noticed and thought was weird that’s all.

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