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Over 80% of MSers have felt isolated because of their condition. We need your help to improve access to the MS community via a app, ensuring MSers can quickly and easily connect with others and find 1-1 support.

Help ensure no one faces MS alone.

Your phone's already bursting with apps, we get it. But the app is far from just another icon. It's your MS community — real stories, support from people who get what you’re going through, all in one place.

It can be so difficult to find reliable support and trustworthy info post-MS diagnosis. Our app will tackle that challenge head-on. It will be a robust, safe community forging genuine connections and offering real support, all at your fingertips.

This is no out-of-the-box solution. Crafted by tech experts alongside our community, the new app will empower, connect, and guide you through your health journey.

Launching in spring 2024!

Our mission is to make this app everything you need. So, we're rolling out features based on the needs of our community.

At launch

Community: Engage dynamically in a vibrant forum, connecting with like-minded MSers from all walks of life

Direct Messaging: Instantly share stories, seek advice and find solidarity with our direct messaging function

Explore content: Browse everything MS with our content hub. Dive into exclusive written and video content that has been verified by MS health practitioners

Curation: Tailored collections to guide your unique journey


Insights: Reflect and monitor your own health journey and contribute to community insights

Buddy Network: Better one-on-one support post-diagnosis from real MSers

Help us bring this vision to life — support the app and be part of the future of MS support.

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Our story

Welcome to our appeal page, I'm George, the co-founder and CEO of I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004 and started the charity in 2009.

When I was first diagnosed, one of the biggest challenges I faced was finding people who understood what I was going through. The online community was an opportunity to meet far more people and for me, connecting with other MSers was a lifeline.

I started so MSers who are diagnosed today have a safe community where they can connect and learn from others living with MS.

80% of people with MS have experienced isolation. That's two million worldwide which is mind-blowing and heartbreaking. We know there is more we can do.

We're building an app so more people can benefit from easy access, fast, 1 to 1 support. When people need connection most, the MS community will be just one tap away.

In our 2023 impact report, 86% of members said they felt supported and encouraged by their peers. The evidence is clear: connection is transformative.

Read our full impact report here. user map

Your donation will ensure is there when people need the community most.

Please donate whatever you can by tapping 'Donate now'. Thank you.

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Appeal updates

It's double donation day!
December 7, 2023

It's double donation day!

Until midnight on 7th December, will match any donation to our One Tap Connection appeal.

You donate £ + we donate £ = ££

It’s that simple. Double the donation, double the impact. And with double the impact we’ll be a MASSIVE leap closer to building a new bespoke app for the community. Click the donate button now.

What difference does £30 make?
November 21, 2023

What difference does £30 make?

A donation of £30 will help us recruit and support two Buddies to provide 1:1 support.

£100 will help us create in-app training for four Buddies to support newly diagnosed MSers.

Every £ makes a difference. Please support the appeal and help us deliver the vital support MSers need.

We've almost hit £80k, thank you 🙏
November 8, 2023

We've almost hit £80k, thank you 🙏

One week in and the response has been AMAZING so far! The biggest of thank yous to everyone who has donated; £3,000 raised from public donations and 121 donors to date 🤯. 

We’ve almost cracked the £80k mark; with your help we’re creeping ever closer to our £100,000 goal. If you haven’t donated, please tap ‘Donate now’ and give what you can.

Supporter kudos? Tell me more...
October 18, 2023

Supporter kudos? Tell me more...

Kudos is’s way of saying thank you for donating to our appeal. It’s a bit like getting a reward when you support a crowdfunding initiative, but we see this more as a ‘thanks and high five’.

Kudos ranges in value based on how much someone donates. Click ‘donate now’ to find out more.

One Tap Connection launch day!
October 17, 2023

One Tap Connection launch day!

Today is the first step towards a more connected future for MSers. Our goal is £100,000, which will allow us to launch a new app in Spring 2024.

Why an app? We believe that in order for MSers to access easy, fast, 1-1 support, an app is essential. MSers will have a more connective community and resources at their fingertips, so no one has to feel like they’re going through this journey alone.

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MSer stories

“I had more questions than answers.” Watch how Maytee’s MS journey began

“My diagnosis was a sense of relief.” Listen to Mike’s story of getting an MS diagnosis

Watch Treasa talk relatable connection: “Sometimes with MS you try to mask the issues you have”

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Supporter kudos

Kudos is our way of saying thank you for supporting the appeal. We are offering different kinds of kudos based on how much you donate, ranging from social shout outs and member profile badges, to early access to the new app and a 1-1 call with’s CEO George.

Click ‘donate now’ to find out what kind of kudos we’re offering.

If you don’t want any kudos, just select ‘custom amount’ on the donate page.

Want to read the small print? Check out our FAQ page.

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