One Tap Connection crowd funding appeal FAQs

We need your help to transform the landscape of MSer connection through a mobile app, where MSers can easily and quickly connect with others and find 1-1 support.

Help ensure no one faces MS alone.

One Tap Connection kudos

  • Kudos - our way of saying thank you for supporting the appeal;
  • Beta testing - an opportunity for real people to use the app to uncover any bugs or issues before a general release. Beta testing is the final round of testing before releasing the app to the whole membership;
  • Social media shoutout - acknowledging your donation and support of the appeal via a social media platform including Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and the forum;
  • member / member - someone who has signed up with a username and profile on;
  • Development team - the behind the scenes team who have been working on building and designing the app. This will include user experience designers, app developers and product developers;
  • MSer - someone living with MS.
When will I receive my kudos?

Depending on what level you have donated at, your kudos will be received at different times.

  • Donor wall - shortly after donation;
  • ‘Supporter’ badge on profile* - shortly after donation;
  • Social media shoutout - within 10 days of your donation;
  • Exclusive early preview of app - from 1 November 2023 onwards;
  • Message from an MSer - within 10 days of donation;
  • Invite to becoming a user on the beta version of the app* - from 1 December 2023 onwards;
  • Personalised video from George Pepper, CEO - 15 days after donation;
  • Group Q&A with internal development team - December 2023;
  • One to one call with George Pepper, CEO - invite to a call will be sent within 5 days of your donation;
  • Founding donor status - to be included in the initial app release in Spring 2024.

*This reward is for members only. If you aren’t a member, you won’t receive this kudos.


  • ‘days’ relate to working days and don’t include weekends;
  • The Q&A with the development team will be delivered on a specific date. If you’re unable to attend, a recording of the session will be emailed to you;
  • Social media shoutout: your name will appear on social media just as you request it to appear on your donation. If you donate anonymously, your name/donation will not appear on a social media shoutout.
How will my kudos be delivered?
  • Most of your kudos will be delivered by email;
  • If you’re a member, a ‘supporter’ badge will be added to your profile shortly after your donation;
  • If you donate at the History maker level (£500), a founding donor status will be attributed to your name within the app in the Spring 2024 release.
What if I don’t want to receive any kudos?

There is the option to donate a custom amount, which means you can still support the appeal without receiving any of the kudos.


How will we use the funds raised?

To work with product and technology specialists to allow us to do the following:

  • Design a user experience which is simple and intuitive;
  • Regularly engage with community members to ensure that we're building an app which works for their needs;
  • Design, test, and build the app.
What are the annual costs of the app? How will you ensure that the app is sustainable long term?
  • The app will need to be constantly updated and revised to ensure its working for the needs of our members. In particular, bug fixes and ensuring the speed is quick will be critical;
  • Alongside this, we’ll want to continue building new features and functionality based on member feedback and needs. This is likely to evolve and change over time;
  • We will be working with a range of funders to help ensure the app is sustainable into the future and we can continue to provide vital support for MSers. In particular, we’ll be working with trusts, foundations, corporate partners as well as the community to help ensure our sustainability beyond Spring 2024. mobile app

When will the app be released?

The first iteration is scheduled to be released in app stores in Spring 2024. In order to release the best possible version of the app, reserves the right to delay the release date if needed.

Which platforms will the app be available on?

From initial launch in Spring 2024, the app will be available on both Android (Google Play Store) and iOs (App Store).

Is only for people based in the UK?

No, as a digital community, our reach is global. All of our content is currently in English.

If I’m already a member of, will I automatically be a member of the app or will I have to sign up again?

You won’t need to sign up again, but you will have to download the app. Upon launch, we’ll let you know the app is live, how to download it and how to sign in with your current username/profile.

Will there be a cost implication for members?

Since its creation in 2009, has been independent and free. Joining as a member will continue to be free.

Why did decide to build an app?
  • We’ve had demand from multiple places mainly within our community;
  • Current solutions are clunky and don’t allow us to meet the increased demand from our growing community;
  • We’re able to create more bespoke solutions for our niche community (over some of the more ‘off-the-shelf’ products we’ve used on our website);
  • Longevity - making sure we’re future-proofing;
  • Core functionality we’re looking to deliver is more engaging / suitably delivered in a mobile app;
  • This allows us to create a more intuitive and accessible product.
Is the app just the website repackaged? What’s new?
  • You will notice some of the same functionality, namely a feed and a direct messaging functionality - however these will be revamped to be more intuitive, personalised and accessible based on feedback from the community;
  • New features will include a more personalised experience on connection recommendations to help you find your people, insights from the community presented in an accessible and useful way to guide your understanding of your version of MS, and a place to find resources and advice relating to subjects which matter to you.
There’s already dozens of apps for people with MS, is the app really needed? How is it different?
  • Buddy Network / 1:1 connections - quickly, personalised matching;
  • Community at your fingertips - find people like you;
  • Driven by the community;
  • Direct messaging/chat;
  • Personalised "wall"/feed;
  • Instant connection;
  • 24/7 - we’re always here;
  • Making it authentic, accessible, real life - no jargon and no judgement. We’re led by MSer needs.
How were/are MSers involved in the design of the app?
  • Our core principle is “by MSers for MSers” which means we look to involve our community in every aspect of our work;.
  • actively seeks out the thoughts and opinions of its community to ensure that we continue to meet their needs;
  • As part of the initial discovery work, our user experience team have been holding focus groups with MSers to get input and feedback on the core elements and value propositions;
  • MSers will also be part of the Beta testing where they’ll try out specific functions and ensure it is ready for full release in Spring 2024;
  • Beyond Spring 2024, we will analyse how the app is used, where there may be pain points, alongside speaking directly to the community.
What difference will the app make to MSers and to
  • We want to create digital platforms and services which are engaging and dynamic; that are dedicated to supporting people with MS, especially those recently diagnosed;
  • Our role is to help MSers to make sense of their health and lifestyle priorities and to make proactive, early decisions;
  • aims to increase MSers’ feelings of connection and reduce feelings of isolation, build their emotional resilience, and their knowledge and confidence to manage their MS.
What about the website?
  • A decision on what the website will look like post-app released in Spring 2024 will be determined by how the app is used.


What makes unique?
  • We place lived experience at the centre of everything we do; allowing our members to take the lead by sharing their own experiences and knowledge;
  • We are the only UK-based MS organisation with a CEO with lived experience of MS;
  • We focus specifically on the needs of those recently diagnosed / facing new challenges in their MS;
  • We focus on emotional/social support (ie living with MS day to day)
Is only for the recently diagnosed?
  • is a community of people sharing their lived experience. There is a place for everyone;
  • We know we have the biggest impact within the first two years of diagnosis. 62% of people with MS say that they experience low or declining belief in their ability to manage their health following their diagnosis. This is why recently diagnosed MSers are our key audience;
  • Without having those who have been diagnosed for longer who can share their tips and guidance, some of our key services would not be able to function (eg Buddy Network).