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Positivity has vanished😕

Hey, this is my first post..... lately my positivity has kinda gone out the window😕I'm 33yrs old and just feel like my ms is taking over me. I used to be able to just forget and get on with everything but ms has slowly crept up on me and feel like the simplest of tasks nowdays is a struggle. I hate what im turning into, im losing myself gradually if that makes sense . Sorry for the negative post just wondered how others pull themselves out of this? Don't wanna keep feeling sorry for myself xx

Been low, look at the ones you love and that will help.


@wells85 , the burden of having MS can become too huge from time to time. It's OK to feel sorry for yourself. Have this time to grieve for what you feel that you have lost. Then you can regain your sense of perspective and carry on carrying on. :wink: