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I was only recently diagnosed with MS and found to have this form, and must admit that I'm finding it hard to come to terms with. Does anyone know of any counselling support through the NHS that can help with this? e.g. MS nurses etc?



Hi, yes you should be able to get referred through your MS nurse to a counsellor who deals specially with and has experience of MS. Ring and ask and don't feel embarrassed to do it, it's really hard to get your head round a diagnosis, I found counselling brilliant and it helped loads. There is usually long waiting lists so be pro active now and get your name down now :)



My experience of the MS nursing team has been brilliant, they've all been much more helpful and accessible than the neurologist I might get to see if he doesn't keep cancelling the appointment. The nurses will understand how you feel and how hard it is to get used to the idea, so talk to them first.



I second the above comments about MS Nurses, when I lived in York and had a local team they were great. There aren't any down here though :-(



Thanks guys for your help! x



i went on an expert patients program which really helped me!



my ms team has ben really helpfull give your nurse a call i am sure she will be grate with you.