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Does life get any better or is it downhill with ms? I fear coming from an Asian background that my life is over as I won’t be able to get married etc

How is your MS affecting your life at present When were you diagnosed and what type of MS . You may be lucky and never have another symptom but on the other hand, there are drug treatments available now. On this forum, people will give their advice and the tools to help you manage at this scary time. Life is what you make it and why wouldn't you marry.


I can hardly walk tbh, maybe a few steps before my legs give in. I’m 26 in a month and was diagnosed when I turned 20. My ms symptoms are fatigue, no balance, my emotions tend to taunt me. I have speech problems, my vision is blurry at times despite the opticians telling me I have 20/20 vision, I have fallen over and fractured quite a few of my ribs. I was working as a pharmacy technician and now I’m housebound with little to no contact with the outside world. It’s daunting at times to step out on to my doorstep let alone go out. The reason why I feel like I won’t get married is I can barely look after myself let alone another soul. There are only 3 things in life that are loved unconditionally and that’s 1. A woman 2. A child 3.an animal. A man is only loved as long as he provides something.