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Interested to know your views on legalisation of cannibis



In Canada the top two reasons for making cannabis available are MS and Cancer. It's one of the few things our health care system has right IMHO. My experience as a former very regular user is that it just kicks the shit out of anything made by Pharma or out of the poppy plant. I encourage people to use under the correct circumstances as its benefits far outweigh its negatives. It should be legal for those with legitimate medical needs.



I smoked a fair amount of grass in my younger days but now find that the cannabis available these days is much too strong and makes some of my symptoms worse (balance weakness in the legs ect) perhaps if they legalised it the milder weed of my youth would make a comeback. Alas the legal forms of cannabis like Sativex are all but impossible to obtain on the NHS.



<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/chris/' rel='nofollow'>@chris</a>. I know what you mean with the strength of todays weed. It's best to go with a strain that is earth grown instead of hydroponically bred strains that have significantly higher THC levels. Go with a Jamaican Sativa; 4-5 times less THC. Also, Sativex or any of the pharma manufactured derivatives of Tetrahydrocannabinol just aren't the same. I've tried them.



Should be legal for all. The weed here (California) is very strong - don't need much. There's a great variety of strains w/ different effects from high CBDs vs. high THC. Only personal experience will tell if it works for your symptoms. It certainly modifies nerve transmission. Many people like it, many don't. Many want to tell you what you can and can't do. Yes, I'm for liberty. It's quasi-legal for med uses here, but feds are cracking down. We used to have lots of shops and prices were dropping. Now most are closed, prices rising.



In michigan we have medical marijuana. At first I thought it was a scam but some of my friends say it really works for pain instead of habbit forming drugs like Vicodin. i've read it works for ms also but they can't do a blind test so everyone that gets mm says it helps. ive seen the mm abused but the new dealers of weed are the disabled that dont take the social security disability. I would rather see the disabled get rich off it then a cartel. but really it's stupid that its illegal in the first place.



I think it should be legal just because I don't think it is worse for people and society than alcohol is, so it's a bit hypocritical to ban the one but sell the other in Tesco. Once you get to the whole medical benefits thing, it seems strange that this is even still a question. I don't smoke because of my asthma but am very aware that it would probably help my insomnia problems, not to mention that my relapses tend to be triggered by stress that weed would probably ease.