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Burning at both ends

When you know you have been burning the candle at both ends and it’s come back to bite you and now your out of action an no legs and keeps falling everywhere An can’t get up..... thank you ms!!!

Hi @karlsohare ! Just terrible! Hang in there and remember it is okay to take breaks and not over due it. I have to remind myself the same sometimes to just rest. I would do stretches/yoga to help keep the muscles active. Also, doing PT has helped me with walking & still working on my balance! I can have my days where my leg is just not having it.. lol Hope you have a better day!


@karlsohare Sorry to hear what is going on. I feel your pain. I always am burning both ends of that candle. 3 kids and a wife. Unfortunately there are days and sometimes weeks that we just have to say no I can’t do it. The problem is that by the sounds of it you are just as stubborn as me and go till we are forced into saying no because it is out of our control at that point. Feel better soon. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.